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About Me

When I first discovered UX, I realized I’d found the crossroads of everything I was interested in: storytelling, design, and the human psychology. To me, UX strikes that perfect balance between the artistic and technical.

Coming from a graphic design & illustration background, I specialize in creating beautiful visuals. UX has given me the amazing opportunity to explore even more creative paths. I’ve devised graphics to represent technical concepts, designed and animated a chatbot character, and crafted scripts for product marketing videos. UX continues to fascinate me in how it’s found not just in creative spaces but everywhere in our lives, from the structure of my coffee maker to the shape of my door handle.

In addition to designing, I'm in love with exploring the world. I've been digital nomading across Asia since the start of 2023, staying for months at a time in Singapore, Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea. And there is more to come!

When I’m not behind my laptop, you can find me breaking a sweat in the dance studio, doodling in a cafe, or stuffing myself with food at the local restaurant. If you’d like to talk design or grab a coffee, please feel free to shoot me an email. I’d love to hear from you.