LivePerson Messaging App

Designing a mobile conversational platform




1 week


UI Design


LivePerson needed a messaging platform to market their conversational AI software on web and social media. This would be used as the main visual to demonstrate their AI’s ability to converse naturally and knowledgeably with consumers.



Design a messaging app that reflects current UI trends


Express LivePerson’s unique brand identity


Demonstrate a wide breadth of features with rich messaging and overlays

Key Considerations

Standing out

In what areas can I take creative liberties to make our platform feel uniquely LivePerson’s?

Visual balance

How can I design our visuals to feel friendly and warm while also conveying professionalism?


How can I make our UI compatible with a diverse range of brand identities and content?

Establishing Guidelines

To accelerate efficiency and ensure consistency across our team, I created a UI kit and accompanying documentation.

The LivePerson Brand


We help brands create Curiously Human™ digital experiences.


Think of us as your Go-To Friend. We’re spirited and warm, and know exactly how to help get what you need.

Experience AR.

Users can try out a product virtually in their own home, whether it’s a stylish jacket or a wooden coffee table. Through AR, we give the user a more immersive and personalized experience suited for their unique needs.

Shopping made simple.

The shopping cart is kept minimal for a straightforward checkout experience. Including a checkout design flow was vital, as ultimately our software is helping clients to drive sales conversions.

Select and send.

List pickers make it easy for users to choose from a range of options, then send their selections to the chatbot or agent. This is just one of the ways our AI software helps automate routine tasks and provide customer support.

Schedule appointments.

Users can select dates and book appointments directly within the app. Keeping this process in-app saves time for both the agent and consumer.

Website Treatment

The app is used to display conversations throughout LivePerson’s website, most notably in the hero section of the homepage. To emphasize the connection between the AI chatbot and consumer, we enlarged the avatars to emphasize their presence. I also created a variation of the design with free floating bubbles on top of a colored organic shape. Not only did this add more variety to our website visuals, but it also reinforced our brand identity’s emphasis on human qualities.


Details make the difference

Most messaging apps follow a similar basic structure, so there was not a lot of room to express our brand personality. However, I found ways to tweak the details here and there to make our design stand out. By adding a notch in the hamburger menu, or changing the background to our brand gradient color, I was able to make our design unique and embody the LivePerson brand.

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